Thursday, April 13, 2006

Goodies, tornadoes, and my new camera.

Here is another quick one created under my "get these pictures off my desk" quest. It is cuter in person...but I guess that is always the case.

So I got a box of goodies from Memory Makers today as well as my layout back. That seemed pretty quick. I got a few good things in the box and also a few things that will probably be donated to the girls. Oh well...can't complain about free stuff, huh?

So the weather today was awesome....89 was the official temp. Just a few days ago I had the heat on in the I probably should have turned the air on. Feels so nice after a long winter. As Emma would say, "Our love it hot outside, right Mama?"

I got a call from Kent at 9pm tonight (he is in Iowa City). He started the call by saying, "Well I'm alive." I was like...Okay...that's good, shouldn't you be? Apparently a big bad ugly tornado went right through the middle of Iowa City causing all sorts of terrible damage. IA City, lived there or in surrounding areas most of my life. Sounds like it was pretty bad.

So I opened the camera box today, carefully peeled the label off in case I wanted to return it =). I took a few photos with the limited charge that was in the battery. Here is one of them. I'm trying not to overglorify the few pictures I took, but on my computer at home {not sure if you can see it on blogger} with these few photos I can honestly say that the clarity is awesome, the color intensity is awesome and I love the fact that there was zero shutter lag...yipee! Now all I have to do is read my 170 page manual twenty or so times and I'll have the thing mastered =).

Have a lovely day....don't know if I'll be posting tomorrow...probably won't be until Sunday as we are going to Lincoln for Easter. Adios.

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cld said...

wow on the picture. It is clear (even on my computer) I am envious! I guess for a few $$$$$ I could have one too! :)

UI is closed today because of damage. Dairy Queen is gone and a lot of other businesses in Iowa City. Menards and Walmart are closed. I think there are a few car dealerships where you can get some cheap cars right now. Downtown and Riverside Dr. are in bad shape they say. Glad Kent is ok. Have a fun trip and take care.