Sunday, August 07, 2005

Bella's zucchini

We planted a very small garden this year in the midst of our weeds. We started a bit late and so are now just beginning to see some veggies being ready. When we went to pick out plants, Bella very much wanted to plant a zucchini (not sure why as she won't eat them!). She was very excited today when we picked the one and only zucchini off of her plant. We even had to pose for a picture with it. Today Bella also found a new friend that she named Hoppy. A tiny little toad was her newest pet for a few hours. She was a bit upset ( a few tears were shed) when she let him go, but thought he might be happier with his mom. Emma actually went to the grocery store this afternoon with me and behaved! She walked and helped push the cart. She wore her "pack-pack" (back-pack) the whole time. Pretty cute. She is pretty good at sneaking items into the cart that she wants, fruit snacks, g0-gurt, etc.

Well, my vacation is over. It was a good one. Lots of relaxing and getting some things done that have been put off for awhile. I cleaned out the front room that has no purpose right now, painted the bathroom, etc. Kent built some shelves in the basement that will hold according to him 80 sq feet of stuff. I also ran 8 miles which is 8 miles more that I ran in any previous week in the recent past. Hopefully, I can keep it up. It's back to work tomorrow. Should be a busy day, I had quite a few patients scheduled before I left so that will be good. Bella is going to Adventureland tomorrow with her old friend Abraham from Iowa City. That should be fun for her. Hopefully she won't break her arm this time (the last time they were together we ended up in the ER).

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