Monday, August 08, 2005

Photos can be larger

I just discovered an interesting fact. If you click on any of the pictures on this blog they will become larger. Didn't know that....obviously I'm new to this. You know you are a big nerd when things like that excite you =). The above layout is something I made not too long ago. The bottom 1/4 inch is cut off due to my too small scanner and there is a shadow there that isn't present in real life. Anyway, this is one of the places we visited in our travels last summer. It is near Marsing, ID for those that are interested.

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cld said...

Hi Stacey; I like your layout. I looked at a few scraping magazines yesterday. Always looking ...never making any pages. I envy your determination. Of course I will have to make a birthday page for David soon and then of course one for Bella. Of course as you know for some reason all the pictures are blurred on my computer. I will have to have good old Warren tell me why when I have him come look at my computer someday.