Thursday, August 25, 2005

Eggs and hotdogs

Here is a lovely picture of Emma taken in March 2004. I left her outside for a brief second (yes, I know I am not supposed to do that!) with Bella. I came back out to find her enjoying her first taste of dirt. mmm......yummy!

Speaking of yummy food. I usually pride myself in fixing nice meals, something different, something very tasty. However when you are lacking in food supplies that is a bit hard. We had nothing really to eat tonight for supper. I didn't even have any milk to make the old stand by mac and cheese. I had to feed my children quickly as they are almost continuosly starving to death and Bella had to go to soccer practice. So I looked through the fridge and found some eggs and 3 hotdogs. What a culinary delight. So I scrambled them and doused them with an appropriate amount of cheese to hide their taste. I also fried the hotdogs in the pan since I was too lazy to boil some water. Then I opened a lovely can of mandarin oranges. What a wonderful dinner (HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). I hate eating stuff I hate! I can barely tolerate scrambled eggs (even with tons of cheese). They just gross me out for some reason. And hotdogs are everyone's dream meat. So after soccer we went to the grocery store where Emma was in rare form. She was happy but yelling up and down the aisles, trying to take stuff off of the shelves and put in the cart, stopping to look at EVERYTHING (I couldn't put her in the cart was a no cart night according to her). Bella was doing her bouncy nonstop movement thing with a few twirls here and there at the same time looking like a drowned rat as she had poured water over herself right after soccer. I'm sure I make any of my patients feel better when they see me in the store..."oh there is that bad parent pediatrician with her out of control nut ball children....see honey, are kids aren't so bad". So anyway, we now have some food. And since I'm starving from my one hotdog and mandarin orange dinner (I only had a few bites of eggs, couldn't take it tonight) I am going to go have a snack.

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