Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Too tired

Alright....so since we have moved into this house we have had some issues with the smoke detectors going off occasionally. At first it was very infrequent, once every other month for a few seconds at a time. Didn't think too much about it. Then in July it started picking up, a few times once every few weeks. Called the builder who called the electrician who said look for a blinking light the next time it goes off and we'll replace the faulty one. Waited a few weeks and it went off again (of course this seems to only happen after 11pm). Couldn't see a blinking light, called him again, told me to vaccum them cause there might be some construction dust in them. So I did that. And then last night happened. 1:45 am the first alarm sounds. Stopped briefly and then started again. Over the next hour the thing went off 26 times (yes I counted). So I packed up the girls who were still semi sleeping (not sure how this thing is LOUD) got some blankets and pillows and went to the car, pulled it out in the driveway and settled down. Unfortunately the alarms were still too loud even outside of the house so we went to the driveway next door (new house for sale) and attempted to sleep. Bella was in the "trunk" and emma in the 2nd row. I got to "sleep" in the front seat, very comfortable (HA!!!). At least it was nice and cool out. We amazingly could still hear them from that driveway a few hundred feet away but not to the point where it would interrupt sleep. Bella had a very nice comment, "Mom, I know where we wouldn't hear the fire alarms...............Texas" Very smart girl, even at 3 AM. The whole way to daycare Emma was a little chatterbox about how we slept in the car cause the house was too loud. The fire alarm man came today and replaced every single one with a different brand....hopefully it works. I need some sleep. Goodnight.

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