Monday, August 22, 2005

First day of school

A picture of me....a rare event! Here is my lovely Bella today, the first day of 1st grade. She was very excited. She had a great day and was full of excitement when she got home. I tried to post a few more pictures, but it is not cooperating right maybe tomorrow. When we got home we had a message on the answering machine that Bella had won a $20 gift certificate to Borders books from the library for reading this summer. We had talked about how she probably wouldn't win, so she was super excited. I think she had a really great day today!

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cld said...

It looks like a great picture but of course it is blurred on my computer. Could I have a copy of it????????????? Tell Bella to call me sometime (not tonight because we are having company) and tell me about school. Tell her congatulations on winning.