Wednesday, August 03, 2005

My bathroom and other uninteresting things

My bathroom is finally painted. Just finished it today. A bit of advice.....It would be wise to paint your bathroom before the toilet, sink, etc are installed if you have any choice. Not the most fun thing I have ever done. The shade is another broke as I was trying to put it up so now I guess we are back to the baby blanket for awhile. Vacation day number three was equally unexciting as #2. We went to Target where we had a repeat performance by E. And then I painted. That's it. Maybe I will have more exciting things to talk about tomorrow. =).

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cld said...

I am still here. Seeing what you are doing. It sounds like you had one of those "necessary" vacation days..that at least makes you feel like you got something done! Why did your blind break????? I hope you didn't spend mega-bucks for it! Have a good day.