Thursday, August 18, 2005

A public service announcement

Alright you people over the age of 50 (you know who you are). Once again please read this public service announcement and act accordingly. The good doctor has spoken.

Now on to other things. A synopsis of our week. I just came to my attention that school is starting on Monday. For some reason I thought it was two weeks away. Anyway, we went to the store and bought new tennis shoes for Bella. She chose white leather sketchers with purple glittery stuff on them. Very lovely. My dear Emma, who has a serious shoe fettish, also got some tennis shoes. Same things except white and pink. We had dinner in a near by shop where my very astute child Emma noticed there was a Target across the street. She really wanted to go, but amazingly I passed up the opportunity. Last night we went to the grocery store and she asked, "it this Target?" I have trained her well. On Wednesday, my half day off, I used Kent's high powered weed eater to knock down the 4 feet weeds in our front area. Almost finished it before I ran out of string. Looks much better. Mowed weeds are so pretty. Hopefully we will be seeding all the rest that hasn't been done yet.

Two times this week I have seen more patients than my partner!!!!!!!!!! Finally. Hopefully this will continue and I won't go broke next year when I'm off salary. Yet to be seen =(.

Miracles upon miracles, I am still exercising. I am finding this noon thing to be working well. Unless I have those pesky patients interfering with my noon hour =0) I really have no reason other than being lazy not to work out. Usually, I can talk my way out of that one. So even thought I completely dread it as I am driving down the street, I make myself go and after I start I'm okay. Actually enjoying it a wee bit. Well that is all. Have a lovely day.

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