Thursday, August 11, 2005

My muscles are very tired

The above photo was taken in Sun Valley, ID in 10/2004 as we hung out with the rich and famous (not really).
My muscles are very sore--all of them. It is kind of nice. I'm enjoying it. Makes me feel like I am accomplishing something. It is nice to lift weights again. I have always enjoyed lifting weights for some reason. I'm wierd like that. I'm really hoping this noon time exercise thing is going to work out. I REALLY did not want to go today, but I dragged myself over there and worked out anyway. I'm meeting with the trainer dude in about a month to see how much progess I've made in loosing my 15 pounds of fat (that's what I need to loose fatwise to get to a nice fit body fat %). That is kind of keeping me motivated so far....I don't like failing when I have someone watching me. By myself....that doesn't seem to bother me as much =).

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cld said...

hi; just thought i would tell you that the scrapbook picture of the girls is very clear on my computer this time. Go figure!