Friday, August 12, 2005

A little bit of everything

I would like to publically thank my lovely mother for posting comments on this site. I am glad someone is reading it. You aren't responsible for all 94 hits to the site are you Mom?

I have needed some new black shoes for sometime and I feel like I've been looking for some all summer (at least at Target and Kohls). My favorite black shoes are very old sandles that I just noticed this week had some foam stuffing from the cushioning creeping out the back. I have failed to find some because I have very specific criteria my shoes must meet: I want them relatively flat so that I can walk comfortably all day, they must not have very pointed toes to squish my delicate feet, they must look somewhat dressy with pants and I don't want to have to wear socks. Anyway, until tonight I have failed to find a pair that met my criteria. Tonight I decided to branch out and try a new store. I went to DSW....HOLY CRAP, do they have shoes! Rows and rows of shoes! Very exciting. I bought the above pair, Ann Klein, comfy, somewhat dressy, nice wide toe, flat and most importantly of all, I don't have to wear socks. Yeah!!!! I have new shoes!

I need to vent a bit. Against all advice from my mom I need to speak about my work. Hopefully they will not fire me. I feel like since the moment I have started that I am "rebel". Asking for things that I shouldn't, questioning the "norms". For those that know me well, I really am not a rebel. I am quite content to go with the flow. I guess "the flow" is what is bothering me. It seems like they are really pushing for conformity, we all should do things the same. I'm sorry, medicine is an "art"...not everybody is going to do things the same. Everything is about money. Can't do this, can't do will cost too much. Needs to be approved by 80 committees before we can do that, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. I'm sure I will get another look on Monday when I request a new baby scale. I just found out today that our baby scale only measures in quarter pounds. Meaning there is a little over 3 oz that disappear and are rounded to the nearest 1/4 pound. Doesn't sound like a big deal, but in my head I guess it is....especially for the premie babies, poor feeders, etc. Sometimes you bring them in daily to figure out if they are able to grow and that 3 oz that disappears will be important. I'm sure on Monday though I will get an explanation that all the other clinics have the same scale and no one else has ever had a problem with them, they work fine and a new scale would be very costly. Just a guess, I could be wrong...we'll see. Mediocrity SUCKS! Anyway on a happy note, I am otherwise enjoying my job and love the fact that I am rarely on call. Yippee!

Emma continues to be a funny girl. She loves to bring little trinkets in the car when we go somewhere. Needless to say the back seat is filled with the lovely items. Anyway, we were driving somewhere and she dropped one of her prized possessions, she starts crying, asking me to find it. I tell her I can't, I'm driving, that we are going to stop soon and so when I stop the car I will look for it. I hear a very sweet little "okay" and she is quiet very briefly. Then all of a sudden I hear her scream loudly, "mommy, stop the car!" and she continues to repeat that over and over again until we reach our destination. Aren't two year olds fun?

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cld said...

I am guilty as charged...well not quite. I am only responsible for 93 of the 94 hits! Just kidding! Others are reading but are not as self assured of themselves to write things others can read!!!! Just kidding for all of you other readers. Now Stacey You will have to tell them all..(now that they are mad at me)...that I am a very nice meek person. I also gave myself they know that cld is really your mother.

By the way....nice shoes. The only nicer ones would be some old lady shoes like mine. BIG and BLACK and TIE UPS!

I wish you the best on your new scale. Just hope the "higher uppers" don't read your little tantrum!

Gotta go. I have a clog in my bathtub drain. I think it was ever since you and the george girls came to our house with your flowing locks! Not to blame you of course! cld