Sunday, August 14, 2005

State Fair

Today we went to the Iowa State Fair. Interesting place. Never going to go on a Sunday again. I hadn't been there since I was very young. As you can see there are interesting food choices. We didn't have any of these. The girls and Kent had corndogs. We walked around a bit, rode the sky glider, saw a man carving strange things with a chain saw, rode some rides, drank some expensive water, saw a few cows and horses and then came home as we couldn't take it anymore. There were SO many people there you could hardly walk. At least the weather was nice and cool. I couldn't imagine if it had been hot. The girls seemed to enjoy themselves. Emma was quite concerned with the fact that some of the horses had been relieving themselves on the pavement. Her exact words several times to these naughty horses, "don't poop on the floor, K?" (that's how she says okay, very cute) followed by "no, no, naughty". She had the index finger wagging while she said it also. Bella was very excited to see the cows and wanted her picture taken with them. She chose a lovely bull. Bella also loved the lemonade stating, " this is the best lemonade ever". That is all for today =).

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cld said...

I have heard that the crowd are crazy this year by some people besides you that have gone there. Maybe they are saving gas and vacationing close to home. I agree with Bella that the lemonade is just wonderful. I could drink it and drink and drink it (and then of course spend the rest of the day in the restroom) I also agree with Emma about the horses' bathroom habits. She needs to come to our "neck of woods" and talk to the Amish horses that leave certain things on the roads!
Glad you had fun even though it was so crowded. Do you have something against Pork Chops on a Stick. (you never did say what you ate)