Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Vacation Day #2

Today was pretty unexciting as far as vacations go. A very exciting happening did take place though.....I caught B. cleaning! First she comes down to tell me she had cleaned her room (she even cleaned the woodwork with a damp rag) and I hadn't even asked nicely even once OR yelled and screamed to get it done. Then....I found her cleaning the bathroom (nice paint job, huh?). Very strange occurrence. Not sure what prompted all that. Today for our exciting vacation we went to the library! How cool is that? The girls got to turn in their reading coupons for the following items: a pencil, eraser, piece of junk toy from a toy chest. We also got free tickets to an Iowa Cubs game next Monday. It seems my nerdiness is rubbing off on B. She picked up the following books at the library: 2 or 3 normal books as well as a book about mummys, fashion of the 20th century, and the strangest one called "Birth" which appears to have a Jewish circumcision ceremony going on on the cover (haven't opened that one yet). She seems especially excited about the mummy book. We then went to our favorite Mexican restaurant for lunch. Our trip out ended with a visit to the grocery store where once again I became very aware of why people beat their kids in public (I didn't do it though!) And to give poor E. some credit, it was her naptime. I am getting some stuff done here at home, the bathroom in that picture now is almost entirely painted and I looking forward to hanging up a real curtain (instead of a baby blanket tucked into the sides--can you believe that has been our curtain for six month?). Maybe tomorrow I will finish. That is all....good night.

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