Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Old Friends

The picture above is of Bella and our old neighbors in IC, Elizabeth and Abraham. They came over for the day to go to Adventureland and Bella went with them. She had a great time. At home it was hard to make her go to bed, she was so excited. Every five seconds was a new "you know what? you know what?"
I joined a gym. Trying to motivate myself to get into shape again. He did my body fat % and it was not pretty. I have become what I said I never would become....old and out of shape, flabby. He put together a workout plan that I think is doable....just frustrating to be in this situation. Oh well....I guess we'll see.
I love afternoon off. It is much needed. Usually I end up getting nothing done, but it is nice to have that option. I went to the gym today for my evaluation, then I went to the scrapbook store and bought more things I truly don't need. Then went to my favorite store--Target. Wednesdays are always costly for me.

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