Sunday, August 21, 2005

Okay I think I fixed the comments problem

Apparently I had it set for registered users only. I removed that. Now maybe someone (anyone? anyone?) will comment!


cld said...

So there is a reason why nobody ever writes you huh? I am not sure how I got on to write to begin with. I believe that I just clicked on the area under your writing that says Comments and it take you to a page where you pick an identity. And then start writing whatever you want and then hit login and publish or preview (just in case you want to change something before you let it go. And I believe that is about it!

cld said...

It is me again. Just checked that out and that is what happens. It goes to a place that says blogger sign in (or whatever...forgot already) Anyway just fill that out and check remember me. And when you click on comment after your postings brings up your name and you can just write all your little heart desires!

cld said...

Another comment...sorry...the memory only remembers so many things at one time. You go to the sign in screen and then it asks if you are NOT a "blogger" to create an account. Click on that and it will take you to a create an account screen. That is where you put your info.