Thursday, August 04, 2005

We'll try the bathroom again

The bathroom photos are up! Obviously the first one is the before photo complete with the baby blanket curtain. The next two are the after photos. Now to figure out what to cover the window with..... We didn't do anything exciting today, it is just nice to have that option. I guess I did mow the weeds in my yard. That is always fun. I have been running again. I started 2 days ago. It is very sad the condition which I have let my body slip into. In order to motivate myself, I am supposed to run with my lovely sister on Sept 11 (a 5k race). Not sure how that is going to work. I have made it 2 miles each day but it has been a struggle and I have been running VERY slow (and I've been on a treadmill, running flat with no wind or other outdoor elements)!! I'm obviously probably not going to do well in this race, but my goal would be to run the whole thing and hopefully finish ahead of those walking =).


cld said...

Good for you for running. Much more than I could ever do....somedays I feel a big accomplishment when I am able to walk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You still have a few weeks to go to get in shape. Where is the race going to be held? Just wondersing.

Jennifer Stewart said...

Hi, Stacey :)

LOVE the bathroom color! Just wanted to stop by your blog and say HI and thanks for commenting on mine!

Jennifer :)