Monday, August 29, 2005

The party we've all been waiting for

The party Bella has been planning for the past 8 months (possibly longer) is finally almost here. She has decided to go to Club Libby Lu for her party even though it means not many friends can come (too much $$$). This is the perfect place for girly girls as they will be doing their hair, putting on makeup and glittery stuff, dance around and pretend to be rockstars and princesses and stuff. They get to have a little backpack with 5 little cool things (probably junk... just what I need in our house) and make some potions (lip gloss, etc). Right up Bella's alley. We even made some invitations. Bella picked all the materials out. Now we only have to wait a few weeks for the exciting day. Can't believe she is turning seven. Makes me feel a bit old.

Emma was quite a grouch today. Everything was sending her to tears. We went to the "strawberry" (that would be library for those that don't speak Emma language). She got very mad at me when I tried to pick out a Halloween book for her and started screaming until I put it back on the shelf. {She apparently doesn't know you have to be quiet at the strawberry}. Then when it was time to go, I told her she better pick out a book and she started grabbing random books from the shelf, so many she could barely carry them...but didn't want help and didn't want a bag and didn't want to put any of them back. Then we went to Hy-Vee to get some jelly, decided to buy some fake Chinese food while we were there as I thought things weren't going too well and we weren't going to be able to tolerate waiting for dinner while I cook it. We cried as we left the car because we couldn't take the 80 books we checked out from the strawberry with us. She bumped her head on the glass case while looking at fake Chinese food and then cried for the rest of the time there. Things went smoothly for a bit until we decided to deliver a birthday invitation across the street to the neighbor girl. I apparently picked the wrong stroller {we wanted the blue one, not the purple one} and then the walk was too short for her liking and she was very upset that we had to go home. Needless to say my lovely Emma child went to bed early (very calmly without crying). Hopefully my sweet little Emma will be back tomorrow and the terrible twos Emma will go back into hiding again.

Alright, one more thing. I noticed that I have 200 hits on this site. Again, I can't believe that my mom is responsible for them all (Hi mom!). So maybe if you are so inclined, could you at least say "hi" or "i hate this/love this site" "wish you'd stop" whatever, anything would be nice ( I fixed the comment problem). Whatever the case I will keep it up cause I think you are enjoying it, right mom?


cld said...

you are so right..I am enjoying it even if no one else is. I am enjoying it SO MUCH that I am commenting at 12:47 AM in the morning. Actually even though I am enjoying it....I MUCH RATHER BE SLEEPING! (Sorry it took me a while to find my explaination point in the dark) Anyway...Bella's party sounds like great fun and so Bella like. Hopefully sleep will solve Emma's problem. I think I will close now....hopeing I can sleep now so that I don't act like Emma at work tomorrow morning. The alarm clock going off at 5:45 comes awfully soon. Good night or rather Good Morning.

Anonymous said...

I love it. And you tell my Emma HI and she is a prefect angel!!!