Saturday, August 27, 2005

Common sense

My little Emma, March 2004, chatting on the phone with an imaginary someone. She has changed so much since then. However, she continues to be very chatty, nonstop in fact.

Common sense is a good thing. It should be required of all parents prior to having children. I'm on call this weekend...need I say more?

Bella had her first soccer game today. I wasn't able to attend as I had clinic, but she apparently scored a goal. Unofficially her team lost though.

I took Bella to build-a-bear workshop since she was a bit sad that Emma had one and she didn't. She picked out a sassy looking white cat and dressed it in a prom dress. She was quite pleased with the results. That's all for today. Have a lovely evening.

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cld said...

I wondered how long it would be before Bella got her white cat!!!! A prom dress huh? Sounds very like Bella. She tried to in a nice way ...try to let me know how much she wanted the cat when she was with me those 4 days. I wanted to very much but I knew what Grandpa would say if I gave in! He knows I am a softy and I would buy them stuff every minute if I could. I am glad she got her cat...that can be one of her early birthday gifts!