Tuesday, August 23, 2005

I'm not working tomorrow!

And I am very excited about it. I like my job and all, but a day off is a wonderful thing! I'm not going to do too much. Going out to eat with a friend for lunch, do some shopping maybe. Buy some things I probably don't need. =)

The first picture is of Bella yesterday getting on the school bus...first day of school. I used my magnificant zoom lense. I was standing on the porch which is quite a ways back from the road. Pretty neat {i think that is}. The second of course is Emma. She loves to say cheese when you take her picture. This also was taken yesterday. Emma is patiently waiting until she can one day also ride the bus to school.

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cld said...

Hi. What I can see of the pictures (beginning to feel blind because of my computer) they are really cute. Would like one of the bus pictures too. Hint Hint. You have the same printer as me so I am sure you can print some off for me. :) I can certainly identify your feelings since I get every Weds. PM off. It just seems to help my outlook in life. Something to look forward to. But I am spending my time going to Dr. Graber and doing good old book work. yippee skippy! Want to come and help. Has no one made any comments yet or are they still trying to sign on? Have a great day off.