Sunday, August 21, 2005

My shelves

Yes...I know this is pretty exciting, but here is a picture of my new shelves. Kent built them for me a few weeks ago in the basement. I'm kind of excited though, because now I have a place to put things. So I started unpacking stuff that has been sitting for quite some time. I also started cleaning the other part of the basement that the girls have been using as a place to fling toys. It tests all my patience as a mother to do that. I found polly pocket pieces mixed with Barbie stuff mixed with light bright stuff mixed with puzzle pieces, monopoly pieces, stuffed animals, dirty underwear and socks (apparently abandoned by their owners for unknown reasons), shoes that have been mysteriously missing for some time, there was a card game in the seats of the couch and a very nice variety of toys under the couch including a full size bath towel. Interesting for sure. And this is after I had asked Bella to clean up the basement. I threatened her to be grounded for the rest of her life if I ever had to do that again. She went into her drama queen routine, "you mean I never get to do anything again? {pout, pout}" School starts tomorrow. Bella is going to be in 1st grade!!! She is very excited. I was thinking of taking some pictures tomorrow AM of the big event (shocking I know....I never take pictures).

I have been told by two people now that they can't leave a comment here no matter what they try. I have no suggestions :(. Perhaps my mother can enlighten us all how she does it (she professes to being completely computer illiterate). Once again, have a lovely day!

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cld said...

Cool shelves. I could use some of those. Your cleaning certainly does not sound boring. Never know what you are going to find, do you? I can just hear Bella saying her little comment about never getting to go anywhere again. :) Anyway, sorry but I need to get back to my paying job unfortunately. Not unfortuante that it is paying but I that I have to go in order to collect that pay!!!!!! Have a good day.